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i love me

Linds says:
yeah why?
continuity errors says:
i'm just joking around
continuity errors says:
we could both run off to newfoundland
continuity errors says:
i love how everytime i type that i spell it in my head as new found land
continuity errors says:
and say it like that in my head
Linds says:
continuity errors says:
i'd let you come to our kitchen parties
Linds says:
continuity errors says:
continuity errors says:
and you could force him to sing
continuity errors says:
i'd let you
continuity errors says:
and make him do it on command
Linds says:
continuity errors says:
continuity errors says:
i might let you even come to the wedding

if you don't know who sean mccann is look it up asshats
he's damn hot
large leaf

the family dinner

for once, we had a nice family dinner that did include one of my uncles. and even though i find randy's voice very flaky [it is, i do believe miss mandy knows what i am talking about] and bowen is well..usually a flake was normal.
we had perfectly normal conversations about nothing horribly stupid
not a bunch of political bullshit that gets so misconstrewed when daved shows up
aubrey did not show
which is not a shock
sometimes i wish i knew him better
and i sure as hell wish his parents treated him better instead of getting sick of him and shipping him back and forth overseas for a few years

showed my grandfather how to make a folder for the millionth time and reassured him it was okay to save things to his hard drive since it is 80% free

ate cake

was cold
went home

well got slurpees on the way home

and now the dog has some sort of bladder infection or something maybe
so i will be going to the vet tomorrow i am sure

[yes i look like a giant fucking lunatic and who the hell knows]

and please do not comment on the quality thing, i know it sounds stupid and like i'm a teenager [which i might as well still be] i can not explain it in a way that is understandable for anyone who can not feel what i feel daily. i can not explain how many walls i put up to pretend to look and try to feel normal then fuck up on vacations where people see that i become exhausted and when brain fog hits hard and i can barely get out a sentence. it's just really bloody hard when this is pretty much all you've known and now everyone around you is doing amazing things
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i used to work in chicago

i'm home
i have been for a couple days
but yes i'm still home

i have two phones at which i can be reached
the computer and i don't spend much time together at all
it sort of bores me, or i bore it
probably both
palm leaf

these are the days of our lives

so i spent a lovely thirteen to fifteen hours in the hospital last night/today
and ended up getting absolutely fucking no where
minus two perkaset [which i easily could have done] some sort of bladder analgesic that also happens to turn urine neon orange and yellow [yes yes too much information], and two doses of morphine
and yes even morphine doesn't even hit me and make me wonky or anything, although i suppose with a strong enough dose it might
well anything might in a strong enough dose

went to the st b because i knew going to the vic would be a bad idea and slower
only waited slightly over and hour to get in
and in that hour at least five ambulences came in

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yay i always get sick at this time of year

[written this morning]

rather sick

went to walk in
nothing looks horribly weird and they don't want to put me on antibiotics right away becasue of all the meds i take all ready
i didn't bother bringing up my sore throat and the phlegm etc and today i'm developing a cough [i just originally wrote couch for that] so woo
and the sore ears and sinuses but i see my actual doctor on the 4th or 5th

so either in a few days i get a call saying something
or i get better
or i go to the hospital if it gets worse

and if it is something it would most likely be stones so he says
at least the trip was pleasant because at dakota medical dr smith is very attractive and has a lovely accent [all my doctors from their have been from overseas]

so yeah i'm going to bed
and if i can't sleep
i'm making myself sleep

and i forgot two more medications i was on to tell them
but immediately got
"what pain condition do you have?"

so yes sleep
and fuck
yay for the end of summer everyone always gets sick now
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